Job Postings

The XML file used for these examples is JobPostings.xml whose text can be viewed here.

This XML has a few errors:

  • One posting contains a <teleworkallowed> element not in the Job Description schema.
  • Another posting has a job level value (<level>) of 44, when the maximum is 30.

These are created to show the differences between processContents values skip, lax and strict.


To illustrate redefine, we have a simple XML file for a dress named Dress.xml whose text can be viewed here.

This XML file has a dress size of 12, which is valid according to Dress.xsd, but we leverage DressPlusSize.xsd which redefines valid dress sizes, while retaining all the other validations in Dress.xsd.

Ecological Metadata Language (EML)

To illustrate import, I greatly simplified the XML Schemas, removing many elements and merging namespaces. This is a great example of a comprehensive XML Schema, worth studying at http://rs.gbif.org/schema/eml-2.1.1.


Schemas are http://jackmyers.info/HR


Note: These examples use fully prefixed namespaces.


  • eml.xsd (The master schema against which ecological data should be validated.)
  • eml-resource.xsd (An EML schema which contains resources that can be used for multiple documents. Includes definitions for sections, paragraphs, and uses a <group> as an easily referenceable group to describe creator of the document.)
  • eml-dataset.xsd (One of the acceptable forms of EML information.)
  • Mantua Creek Ecological Data (The XML text of a document which can be validated against eml.xsd.)