Projects for Section 2

Remember, cc all Project sponsors and Professor Myers on all email correspondence. Add Kim Davis (Kimberly.Davis@asrcfederal.com) as well on all email correspondence to ASRC.

Automated Agile Release Planning Visualization Tool
   Team Honey Badgers
Agile Release Planning involves putting together a high-level plan based on Features provided from the customer, their associated priorities, their approximate sizes and teams' capacity to work these items. For example, our customer has a priority scoring scheme of 0 through 3000 (3000 being the most important). If a particular product team has a capacity to do about 2500 story points for a given release and the size of the combined features for the release is 3000 story points, then we use the priority scores to show us which features we should indicate as "out of capacity" given the 500 point deficit. Since the our tasking involves many programs, showing each program what product team planned their features as in or out of capacity takes time. Programs generally want to know how much of their features are planned. As a result, we created a matrix to show what percentage of each product team is planned for a given program.

Pulling this data together takes time, is manual and takes knowledge of how the spreadsheet formulas work. We would like to automate the process of creating this visual for the programs by exporting JIRA data in an XML format, process the data in code, and produce an excel spreadsheet giving the visual the programs need.

Main Contact: Eric Mayo (Eric.Mayo@asrcfederal.com)
Supporting Contact: Kim Davis (Kimberly.Davis@asrcfederal.com)

Predictive Maintenance System
   Team Elephants and Team Clams
ASRC Federal Mission Solutions is involved with initiatives for understanding and implementing a predictive maintenance system for naval hulls and other large electrical systems pertinent to mission critical products. When equipment suddenly goes down, millions of dollars in lost productivity can be encountered until the issue is resolved and for warfighting systems, the consequences can be even greater. With the use of smart sensors, we would like to analyze data to understand how a predictive maintenance system can be implemented. This initiative will be focused on research involving Data Analytics, identifying an example(s), choosing a tool and proposing a design and creating a training model.

Contact: Anuradha Bhat (Anuradha.Bhat@asrcfederal.com)
Supporting Contacts: Michael Berenato (Michael.Berenato@asrcfederal.com) and
                                                     Kevin.Wainwright (Kevin.Wainwright@asrcfederal.com)

Stage and Theatre Automation System
   Team Polar Bears and Team Cats
Proof Productions in Sewell, NJ is responsible for staging many extravaganza events such as the upcoming Frozen Broadway production, Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, and other events. When stage automation is done correctly the audience should believe that the moving scenery has become animate, and is moving itself exactly where it needs to be. This project will explore the automation of motorized stage controls via utilization of APIs for specialized motors and the creation of a user interface that stage technicians can use to program scenery effects.

Main Contact: John DiStefano (pcrxco1@comcast.net)
Supporting Contacts: Joe Loftis (JLoftis@proofproductionsinc.com and ProofOffice2@proofproductionsinc.com)