Projects for Section 1

Remember, cc all Project sponsors and Professor Myers on all email correspondence. Add Kim Davis (Kimberly.Davis@asrcfederal.com) as well on all email correspondence to ASRC.

Lab/Demo Inventory and Use Database
   Team Lions
The Department of Physics and Astronomy needs an online, web-interface driven, database to inventory the equipment for our introductory and intermediate labs and demos (i.e. for ASTR11.120, PHYS00.210/211/220/221/222/300). We envision the database to record information for each item including: name, description, catalog number, number in inventory, labs it is used in, demos it is used in, general physics category (e.g. mechanics, fluids, modern), and physics course. What complicates this is that pieces can be in several places (e.g. we have "meter sticks" in all four storerooms), used in several labs, used in several demos, and those labs/demos can be tied to multiple physics categories.

The web interface would need to have two views: manager and user. The manager view would need to have all the user functionality plus the ability to add, delete, edit records. The user interface should allow for searching records on any field or combination of fields. Such as a very general "what are all the fluids demos that use graduated cylinders" to the specific "what equipment do I need for the Collisions lab and where is it". It should also be browsable, in the sense of "list all the labs for Intro Mechanics" and then from there be able to click on a lab to get the equipment list then click on a piece of equipment to see what else uses it, etc.

Advanced features if possible: storing the lab and demo PDF files directly; having a "check out/in" system; having a "request" button for labs/demos which will send an email to the lab coordinator.

Main Contact: Patrick Chestnut () chestnur@rowan.edu)
Supporting Contact: Dr. David Klassan ( klassen@rowan.edu)

Unit Test Generator Tool
    Team Tigers and Team Axolotls
Create a tool to generate framework for unit testing using Google Mock, Google's C++ mocking framework that is part of the larger Google Test project. The tool should be able to input C++ classes that need to be tested and output everything required to run a unit test on the specified class (Makefile, Test Driver, Blackbox, etc.). The tool should be able to handle creating both class level and component level tests and should be created keeping in mind commonly used C++ design patterns (Factory pattern, Message Driven Architectures, Observer/Subscriber pattern, State Machine, etc.)

Contacts: Zach Adam ( Zachary.Adam@asrcfederal.com) and Stefan Gurgurich ( Stefan.Gurgurich@asrcfederal.com)

VR Search Visualization
   Team Bandicoots
Use AR to visual display in 3D a map of the airspace and radar volume coverage. Operator should be able to change his perspecive to look for gaps, clutter and possible target locations.

Contacts: Chris Bartley ( christopher.bartley@asrcfederal.com) and Craig Sobieralski ( craig.sobieralski@asrcfederal.com)

Software Integrity Tester
   Team Penguins
Create a Security Software Engineering tool to attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in an ADA program. Develop a list of top 25 Common Weaknesses for ADA code, develop a program to parse the code, find any weaknesses, and generate a report.
  1. Here is the resource for the top 25 CWE's
  2. Here is an example of a FREE product available for C/C++

Contacts: Michelle Darby ( Michelle.Darby@asrcfederal.com), Craig Sobieralski ( craig.sobieralski@asrcfederal.com) and
                       Thomas McLoughlin ( Thomas.McLoughlin@asrcfederal.com)