Schedule for OOPDA

Monday Wednesday Assignments Due
Week of (Mon) Unit Topics Unit Topics Work Due
8/30 It's still summer 1
Take the OOPDA pretest in Blackboard; watch the Eclipse video. Email professor unknown terms in IOOP glossary.
Introduction, Syllabus, Eclipse
see Canvas
9/6 1, 2a Labor Day 1, 2a
Be able to explain the code in BookCompare; refresh your knowledge of HashMaps
Collections (Lists)
9/13 1
Read Section 1.8 and Chapter 7 in Horstmann. Watch the UML Class Diagram video
Collections (linked List, Sets)
Read sections 3.1 to 3.3 in Horstmann
Collections (Maps)
Interfaces: overriding, three options for method bodies

9/27 3, 2b UML Class Diagrams / Star UML Interfaces: three options for method bodies (review), static and dynamic types, instanceof and casting 4 Interfaces: static and dynamic types (review), instanceof and casting, types of Interfaces (Comparable)
10/4 4
Read sections 3.4 to 3.7 in Horstmann
Lambda expressions, scenarios where lambdas are used, functional inerfaces and their methods
5 Examples of lambda expressions, variable scope with lambdas
10/11 5
Read sections 4.1 to 4.2 in Horstmann.
Watch Inheritance part 1 video and Inheritance part 2 video
Look back at interfaces, inheritance, message posts and photo posts, subclass substitution, polymorphism Polymorphism (con't), static and dynamic type review, inheritance from abstract classes
Lab Test
10/18 6 Design and Coupling: Foxes and Rabbits 7 Design Principles: Open/Closed Principle, DRY, SRP, "Grandma/grandpa rule", Encapsulation, Liskov Substitution

- What does a Car really do?
10/25 8
Watch Exceptions I - Intro to Try/Catch
and Advanced Try/Catch (if developed)
Exception Handling (strategy)
Exception handling: catch vs throw; rethrow
Introduction to Custom Exceptions
8 Custom Exceptions
Rethrowing Exceptions
Try with Resources
11/1 9 Introduction to GUIs> and JavaFX 9
Review of GUI anatomy
setOnAction with lambda expressions

11/8 9 GUI 10 Streams
11/15 No class 10 Streams
11/22 11 Input and Output, Buffers, Using Scanners
Pipes, Networks and Streams
File Operating System
11 More I/O
11/29 11 More IO, Serialization Lab Test
12/6 12 Concurrent Programming 12 Concurrent Programming
13 Design Patterns: the Observer Pattern 13 Design Patterns: the MVC and the State Patterns
12/13 Finals week Finals week


** difficult assignment

† may actually be started at any time