Class links for IOOP Section 10

Rowan Seminar Information

Rowan Seminar Questionnaire
This questionnaire is to be filled out (you can do it in Word), signed, and delivered to me during the mandatory office visit the first three weeks of class.
Passport Program
The Passport Program requires you to attend at least 5 campus activities across at least 4 categories that will introduce you to Rowan.

Useful links

Rowan Cloud
A great place to access free software while you are a student, including MS Office and Visio.
Visit the Learning In Bits and BYtes web site.
Online Java Compiler
Comile your programs online without an IDE!
Installing BlueJ at home
You can download it from the web.
an online training library provided at no cost which has useful Java tutorials
Sample Projects
Projects from the text are on the CD in your book, but you can also download them from the web. You can also find more book resources on the textbook web site
Eclipse tips
Content assist, line numbers, end of line guide... Also, when you set up your workspace (or even after using it a while) you can store the workspace name, so that your title bar sees it. Windows --> Preferences --> General --> Workspace. Then type your workspace name in the textbox.
Here is a map of Zuul

Supplemental Materials

IOOP Glossary
Terms and concepts you should know by the end of IOOP.
Textbook Videos
Videos from your textbook authors on each chapter
break and continue
The break statement has a legitimate use as part of a switch control structure, but break as well as continue are also branching statements which are part of the Java control syntax for loops. There is much contraversy around break and continue. Break and continue in loops are easy to abuse, resulting in code which is difficult to read. Thus, many advocate that loop conditions are only in the code once, and that break and continue logic is expressed in the loop conditions. Others feel that judicious use of break and continue are acceptable, but even these proponents will state that program readability is the number one consideration. They only advocate break and continue when their use improves readability.

Dr. Kay's BlueJ Installation Videos:

(Note these are for an old version of BlueJ.)