Nothing is more fun than Info.Mgmt!


Available Databases

  • AdventureWorks - complex business DB from Microsoft (2005)
  • Chinook - a music DB that is the sample for SQLite [schema]
  • Sakila - the movie database that comes with MySQL
  • NOAA - water data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Center in Influx [description]
  • Northwind - simpler business DB from Microsoft (2010) [schema]
  • Northwind on Neo4j - suppliers, products and categories [schema]
  • Nwind - very basic version of Northwind (circa 2003) [schema]
  • Murach - the databases from the Murach MySQL textbook
    • ap (accounts payable)
    • om (order management)
    • ex (examples)
    • note: ap and om have been merged into a database called "murach"; ex not recreated as it was repetitive with ap and om.
  • SampDB - sample database from O'Reilly


  • Connections to the elvis server must be through Rowan's network. For remote users, connect to Citrix (applications.rowan.edu) and then use PuTTy from there for command line access or use MySQL Workbench (under Developer folder).