Software Tools

These are the software tools that are planned to be used for HCI this semester

  • Screen reader simulators
    • WebbIE: browser that make it easier for blind and visually-impaired people, especially using screen readers, to browse the web (lesson 4)

  • Predictive tools
    • CogTool: general purpose UI prototyping tool that automatically evaluates your design with a predictive human performance model. (lesson 6)

  • Ontology tools
    • Protege: tool for representing knowledge (lesson 7)

  • Sketching and prototyping tools
    • Adobe Illustrator: used to turn polished images into sketches (lesson 4)
    • InVision: used to make interactive UI mockups from sketches (lesson 4)
    • HTML: used to create realistic prototypes (lessons 4/5)
    • PowerPoint: used to make polished interactive prototypes (lesson 5)
    • Justinmind: a wire-framing, web prototype tool (lesson 5)