Don't Make Me Think!

author: Steve Krug

Guiding Principles
  1. Don't Make Me Think — Krug's first law of usability
  2. How We Really Use the Web — Scanning, satisficing, and muddling through
  3. Billboard Design 101 — Designing for scanning, not reading
  4. Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral? — Why users like mindless choices
  5. Omit Needless Words — The art of not writing for the Web

Things You Need to Get Right
  1. Street Signs and Breadcrumbs — Designing navigation
  2. The Big Bang Theory of Web Design — The importance of getting people off on the right foot

Making Sure You Got Them Right
  1. The Farmer and the Cowman Should be Friends — Why arguments about usability are a waste of time, and how to avoid them
  2. Usability Testing on 10 Cents a Day — Keeping testing simple so you do enough of it

Larger Concerns and Outside Influences
  1. Mobile: It's Not Just a City in Alabama Anymore
  2. Usability as Common Courtesy —
  3. Accessibility and You
  4. Guide for the Perplexed — Making usability happen where you live