Description of Project

One of the main activities of this course is a semester-long project which will take you through several cycles of designing, implementing and evaluating a user interface. You will do the project in groups. The project will be completed in several stages. In addition to the overall project grade, there will also be some graded assignments using your project as the model Each project group will present and demonstrate its project during the last two weeks of class. Visitors may be invited to see the presentations.

Project groups should consist of roughly four students. User interface design requires an exchange of ideas, and many of the tools you will be using will best be learned in a group of multiple people.

This year, the project will be near and dear to your heart -- Rowan's Computer Science Web Page. Each team will interview one of the following faculty/staff stakeholders, in addition to student stakeholders:

  • Dr. Ganesh Baliga
  • Professor Chia Chien
  • Mrs. Debi Coughlin
  • Dr. Vasil Hnatyshin
  • Dr. Gabriella Hristescu
  • Dr. Jennifer Kay
  • Dr. John Robinson
  • Mr. Michael Schillo

Constraints: The header (including the dropdown, quick search bar, and row of links to CSM Home, Rowan Home, etc.) abd the footer with our contact information must be kepts as is.

Incremental Graded Activities

  • Lesson 1: Redesign in advance of training
    Evaluate the project site and submit a redesign.
  • Lesson 3: Web Site Structural Analysis
    With a eye trained for usability and design, resubmit your design and correlate the changes to design principles.
  • Note: The exercises in Lessons 1 and 3 constitute the "mini-project" as discussed in the syllabus.

  • Lesson 4: Design Anal
    This is the major half-way point milestone for your project. You will submit the results from participatory and task-centered design session with users of the project site. Utilize InVision to create interactive sketches.
  • Lesson 5: Prototyping
    Create prototypes in two forms, i.e., HTML and PowerPoint.
  • Lesson 6: More Prototyping
    Create Justinmind prototype.
  • Lesson 7: Prototype Review
    Sometime during or before Lesson 7 concludes, schedule a meeting with your professor to demonstrate your three prototypes (two of which are expected to be less evolved) for the prototype grade for the final project