The new designs of Entertainment Weekly did not experience a smooth rollout. Below are excerpts from their site

Please be patient with EW.com. There has been a great disturbance in the source (code)

by EW Staff

Posted February 8 2015 — 1:47 PM EST

Updated on Feb. 6th: You may have noticed that for the past week, EW.com has looked and functioned differently. In some cases, it hasn't functioned at all. We know — boy, do we know — that these changes have created a frustrating user experience. That's the last thing we want. Easy, enjoyable navigation of the site is of paramount importance to us—and subsequently, we find the current glitches and inefficiencies just as maddening as you do.

The changes you're seeing are the result of a recent switch to a new publishing platform. Though we have a talented development team and thoroughly tested the new platform before launch, it's difficult to know how a migrated website is going to perform in its new live environment. Clearly, we still have some work to do. Rest assured, that work is happening.

In the meantime, we'll be sure to better communicate our progress. Most of the changes you've pointed out aren't permanent. We know what you like about our site and plan to retain those features. Ultimately, the new publishing platform will allow us to provide a richer, more dynamic and interactive experience. EW.com will be more intuitive and easy to use. We know you're going to be happy with it, and ask that you bear with us until normalcy returns.

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