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  • How to use an SSH tunnel to connect to elvis MySQL remotely (with sincerest thanks to Justin Gavin)
  • Connections to MongoDB server must be through Rowan's network. For remote users, connect to Citrix ( applications.rowan.edu) and then use PuTTy from there (under Developer folder).

    Mac users can ssh to Elvis, from Terminal type : ssh username@elvis.rowan.edu; then download pem key for mongo server : wget --http-user=db --http-password=bd http://jackmyers.info/db/files/mongodb/mongoStudent.pem; then from elvis, ssh to Mongo server : ssh -i mongoStudent.pem mongoStudent@ -- I do not have a Mac, but Jared Hamlin (thanks, Jared)! reports success with this technique.

Class Materials


Available Databases

  • AdventureWorks - complex business DB from Microsoft (2005)
  • Chinook - a music DB that is the sample for SQLite [schema]
  • Sakila - the movie database that comes with MySQL
  • Northwind - simpler business DB from Microsoft (2010) [schema]
  • Nwind - very basic version of Northwind (circa 2003) [schema]
  • Murach - the databases from the Murach MySQL textbook
    • ap (accounts payable)
    • om (order management)
    • ex (examples)
    • note: ap and om have been merged into a database called "murach"; ex not recreated as it was repetitive with ap and om.
  • SampDB - sample database from O'Reilly
  • enron.email - MongoDB database containing Enron emails
  • sakila.films, sakila.profiles - MongoDB representation of Sakila