Relative Hyperlinks

Hello again!

for reference: This web page "RelativeLinks.html" is stored two levels deep, in the HTML folder underneath my HTML folder underneath my root folder. Essentially, this page is stored in \html\html\subfolder on the web server.

Document-relative paths

Moving up

This link will navigate up one level back to the "RelativeLinks.html" page one level higher. <a href="../RelativeLinks.html">

This link will navigate up to the root folder and display the home page "index.html" Note that because it is two levels up, we will need two ../ in the URL. <a href="../../index.html">

Moving sideways

To move to a different branch of the folder tree, you will need to move up, and then down to the new branch. This link will navigate up to the root folder, then down to the images folder and display the image "WebSiteStruct.png" <a href="../../images/WebSiteStruct.png">