Zombies in New York City

Before The Walking Dead was the massive hit show it is today, the producers decided to drum up advance publicity for the show months before it first aired. To do that, the producers arranged for zombies to take over New York City.

As it happened, I was exiting Penn Station in Manhattan to the sight of grunting zombies swamping a taxi cab. I took the picture you see with my BlackBerry. I was on my way to work, or else I might have stopped to learn more.

It was a pretty cool experience, which caused me to watch the show from Day 1, and talk about the NYC Zombies with my friends. Which goes to show, the power of publicity.

It was a strange sight to behold at rush hour. Several people stopped to take note. Interestingly enough, many more just walked by without noticing anything. I guess that is typical for the Big Apple.