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Both iPads and iPods are great.

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The iPad is so wunderbare! It is the best tablet around.

But the iPod is ausgezeichnet!!!

Notice that the German characters are not marked with entities, except in this paragraph. What will each browser do with the words hörst and anhören? And how do you spell the name of Fleetwood Mac's top selling album? As Rumours or Rumors? I guess it depends on whether you take the elevator or the lift.

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the iPod Classic

Meet a musical Genius

Say you're listening to a song you really like and want to hear other tracks that go great with it. With a few clicks, the Genius feature finds other songs on your iPod classic that sound great with the one you're listening to, then makes a Genius playlist for you. Or get even more sets of customized songs when you use the new Genius Mixes feature in iTunes. Just sync your iPod classic to iTunes, and Genius automatically searches your library to create perfect mixes you'll love.

der iPod Klassische

Ein musikalisches Genie.

Stell dir vor, du hörst einen Song. Toll wären jetzt andere Titel, die gut dazu passen. Was machst du? Ganz einfach: Du verwendest die neue Funktion "Genius". Diese findet die Songs in deiner Mediathek, die gut zusammenpassen. Du erhältst eine Genius Wiedergabeliste, die du sofort anhören, sichern oder sogar aktualisieren kannst. Verlass dich also auf den Genius von iTunes, wenn du einen Mix willst, auf den du selbst nicht gekommen wärst.

You can make up your own attributes in HTML5, so long as they start with "data-". Although, normally you would use classes for this, but this is demonstrating attribute selectors.

      *                     { font-size:        x-small;
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      [href]                { border-top:       3px solid yellow; }
      [data-redline]        { border-bottom:    3px solid red; }
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      [class~="apple"]      { color:            Crimson; }
      [class^="fancy"]      { font-style:       italic; }
      [class$="border"]     { border:           thin black solid;
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      [style*="italic"]     { font-weight:      bold;
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      [lang|="en"]          { font-family:      Georgia; }