Moore's Law Assignment

Is Moore's Law still relevant? In Microsoft Word, write a paragraph on why YOU believe it is or is not relevant today. Also, you should lift some supporting sections from one or more web sites. These paragraphs must be referenced.

This assignment also includes advanced Microsoft Word features. Specifically, your paper must:

  1. Use a style for the title.
    (The default title style must be modified in some way.)
  2. Include first level headings.
    (The default heading 1 style must be modified in some way.)
  3. Include a picture with wrapped text.
    (Remember to cite the source of the picture.)
  4. Have the content of your assignment (what comes below the title and your name) be in two columns.
  5. Have all Internet sources managed as Word references.
  6. Include a Works Cited section on its own page at the end.
    (This may be any citation style of your choosing)