Computer Literacy

This is the website devoted to the Camden County Class "Computer Literacy" --  class syllabus

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Moore's Law Assignment

Excel Exercises and Practice

  1. Extra Help
  2. Grade Sheet Exercise*: Illustrates how to create a basic spreadsheet by entering text, numbers, and formulas.
  3. Checkbook Exercise*: Introduces formatting of cells and columns.
  4. Mortgage Exercise*: See how functions can be used to create a spreadsheet to perform "what if?" calculations.
  5. Using ChartWizard*: Demonstrates the ease of creating charts.
  6. Using Logical IF functions and VLOOKUP
  7. Pivot tables
  8. Making charts

Excel Assignments

  1. Ice Cream: assignment, zip file
  2. Steggel Consulting Salaries: pg. E-120, zip file
  3. Outlander Spices: assignment, zip file
  4. Houses on Pine Circle: pg. E-156, zip file

Review for Excel Test

Access and Databases