Control-T away

In Microsoft Word, there are four kinds of indents that can be used.  These can be seen in the examples below.   Did you know that pressing Control-T anywhere in the paragraph will indent the lines after the first line?     

This means that, in a regular paragraph (First Line Indent), you can press control-T once to tuck the lines below line one in.  One control-T and you have a Left Line Indent paragraph.  Two control-T’s and you create a hanging indent.

What I like to do for indented text (think MLA-style “box quotations”), is to press the tab key; then press control-T.   Shift control-T outdents lines below the first line, just as Shift Tab outdents the first line.   Of course, you could use the rulers, or you could use the Paragraph option from the ribbon, but why bother when something as handy as control-T is at your service?

And for you purists who claim that “outdent” is not a word….well….it should be!

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